Powerful Collaboration

A couple Monday’s ago, we provided one of our Grade 1 teachers with the opportunity to visit another Grade 1 teacher in our school district. She was going to observe the teacher doing morning routines, Guided Reading, calendar, math and everything else that happens before lunch. As a result, my principal and I had theContinue reading “Powerful Collaboration”

Twitter for Newbies

Having been on Twitter for almost 7 months now, I am still amazed at the professional development I experience on a daily basis from people on Twitter.  Some days, I only spend 10 minutes on Twitter in the morning, but even in that time, I still learn a great deal!  There are always gems thatContinue reading “Twitter for Newbies”


Have you ever heard of Posterous? Until recently, I had not heard of Posterous.  Heidi Hass Gable (@HHG) introduced it briefly to my Study Group before Christmas. As a result, we decided to focus on Posterous at our Study Group meeting recently. I must say, I am so happy that Heidi introduced this tool toContinue reading “Posterous!”

Encourage, Don’t Shame

Here we are, at the beginning of a new era in education – 21st Century learning, where technology may play an integral role. For many of us, it is a very exciting time, full of possibilities.  For others (and even sometimes the above group may feel this way at times as well), to say it isContinue reading “Encourage, Don’t Shame”

Math Playground Apps

Our school district has a wonderful Math Problem Solving resource which teachers are encouraged to sign out for their schools. It consists of a couple of rolling 8-drawer storage bins filled with various problem-solving activities for students to complete. It is wonderfully organized and self-contained. It also has many different levels for each activity. AllContinue reading “Math Playground Apps”

Everyday Learning

I haven’t been blogging or tweeting much these days. It’s just been so busy.  Work has been busy, but so has my home life.  With all this busyness, my learning has been going strong. Here are some of the things I’ve learned over the past couple of weeks. 1.  It is going to be uber-challengingContinue reading “Everyday Learning”