#Oneword 2021

While I do not usually commit to New Year’s Resolutions per se, I’ve typically chosen one word to focus on for the year. Some of these words I have shared, blogged about and published for all to read. For other words, I have chosen to keep them, and the associated blog post, private in my drafts section of my blog. Listed below are the words, and the associated blog posts, for the words I have chosen to focus on each year since 2013.

2013 – Me

2014 – Reflection – This post is still in my drafts.

2015 – Relationships

2016 – Survive – This post is still in my drafts

2017 – Help (although not explicitly stated, but something I focused on all year)

2018 – Perspective

2019 – Thrive – This post is still in my drafts.

2020 – Truth – This post also remains in my drafts.

This year, for 2021, I am going to do it a little differently. I will have an over-arching word, broken down into small-subsections of the larger word. My overarching word for 2021 will be Self-Care. I have broken Self-Care into 6 things that I want to focus on each day. Each day, it is my plan to do at least one of these things to help me to focus on my self-care. During the challenging times I have faced for the past 5+ years (a life-time, really). I have tried to focus on my self-care in order to try to heal from the trauma I have experienced. Unfortunately, much of the time, being the caring person I am toward others, I am often the “last” in my priorities. As I wrote in 2017, in order to help others, we must first help ourselves. In turn, I am going to try to accomplish one thing every day that focuses on my self-care theme.

The 6 words which are going to be my focus this year include: Journal, Read, Exercise, Create, Meditate, and Gratitude.

I plan on engaging in at least one of these activities each day for the entire year. This seems to me to be a pretty doable goal.

Journal: Writing has always been such a good way for me to express myself and to help me to try to process the challenges I have been presented with over the years. When I write, it calms my thoughts and feelings. It is a really good outlet and grounding tool for me.

Meditate: I have been using the apps, Headspace and Calm to become more mindful and practise the art of being present. This skill has really been helpful to me in the past and I know that the more I participate in this process, the more often I will be able to handle anything that might come my way in the future.

Exercise: Exercise has been a dysfunctional part of my life for some time (long story, but it involves coercive control). I did a great job of getting back to exercise earlier this year, but then stopped. I will get back into the routine with the help of my will-power, perseverance, dedication, and the support of a few friends.

Read: I have done a great deal of reading during the past many years. Much of my focus has been on reading “self-help” books, if you will – about trauma, abuse, PTSD, and other related topics. I have also read a few fictional books for enjoyment. I want to do more of THAT kind of reading – fiction! I received a kindle for Christmas so my books will be with me wherever I go and whenever I am ready to escape into the wonderful world of books.

Gratitude: It is important to focus on the wonderful things for which we are grateful for every day. Oftentimes, we can feel overwhelmed with all the stressful things happening around us. These thoughts can become overwhelming and all-encompassing. To be completely transparent, I added this word, not only because it was important, but also because it was an “easy” thing to do at the end of any day that I wasn’t able to accomplish any of the other goals for the day.

Create: When I first worked on this list, I only included the above 5 words. A few days after creating this list and posting it to my Instagram and Facebook pages, I added this word: Create. Creating things can be extremely satisfying and make me feel like I have really accomplished something in the day. In my ever-evolving path, of a lifelong journey of learning (hence the title of this blog – All About Learning), I am learning how to sew and create things with my new Cricut Explorer Air 2. I am excited to create things and continue the learning journey.

This year I am quite confident that this will be a year of healing and a year of continuing my personal growth journey. I am focused on learning and trying not to be triggered by the actions of others. Completing these activities each day (at least one, not all, each day), will help me in my goals of maintaining boundaries and not being triggered.

Do you have a focus for 2021? If so, what is it?

Published by Tia M. Dawson

There are many things that define who I am as a person. First of all, I am a mother of 3 wonderful children! I can not express how fortunate we are to have our children in our life! Secondly, I am an elementary educator who recently returned to the classroom after 12+ years as an elementary school administrator. Lastly, I am passionate about helping others, learning about abuse, helping others in abusive relationships, and helping others understand their worth.

2 thoughts on “#Oneword 2021

  1. Tia,

    I am so grateful that I have had the chance to reconnect with you through our “new” positions. I really believe that certain people come back into our lives for a reason and I’m grateful for you and what you’ve taught me.

    1. Hi Anna,

      I agree! I am so grateful we have reconnected and even though we don’t talk as often as I’d like, it doesn’t seem that long in between conversations. I think we all learn from one another all of the time. I am grateful to have you on my learning journey as well.

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