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Pushing the Envelope

We are about to embark upon an exciting new school year! Our school received an Innovative Learning Designs Grant which 10 of our teachers are involved with. Those teachers formed small groups and wrote inquiry questions in April of last … Continue reading

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Summer Memories

After a week back to work already, I’ve been pondering our summer and the wonderful memories we made together as a family.  While I could write a book about the summer and everything that happened, I would like to share … Continue reading

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Be Curious

For the past three years we’ve taken a family road trip to Disneyland. Even though we end up at Disney, this vacation is much more than a Disney trip. We take our time driving down, stopping at many forests, playgrounds, beaches, … Continue reading

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Some Plans For This Year

I have a new role in my school this year.  In addition to being the Vice-Principal, I will also be one of the Learning Support teachers (last year, I was the Early Literacy Teacher and the Intermediate Prep teacher for … Continue reading

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Connected Educator Month

August is Connected Educator Month Throughout the month of August there are a numerous activities, discussions, keynote addresses, panel discussions, webinars, book groups, etc… to participate in. I have had the opportunity to attend a few of these worthwhile events … Continue reading

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But, He Can Do It At Home….

Have you ever had a parent tell you, “But Johnny (insert any child’s name here) can count to 100 by 2’s (insert any skill here) at home with no difficulty at all. He does it all the time!” As a … Continue reading

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