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Happy Spring – 200th Blog Post!

With my 200th blog post upon me, I wanted it to include a personal passion of mine – photography.  Since it is Spring Break and it was such a beautiful day yesterday, I got out my camera and my family … Continue reading

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11 Lessons Learned on the Stairs Today

As many of you many know, I have a passion for photography. I love taking photos and revisiting places I have been, moments in time, and all kind of memories through photographs I take. Unfortunately, I do not take photos … Continue reading

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Vancouver Foodie Experience

OK, this is not going to be my “usual” kind of post, but I figure it’s summer-time, so why not! How can I not share such a wonderful experience! I had the wonderful opportunity to go on a food tour … Continue reading

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Identity Day 2012

Our school is hosting their first Identity Day this coming Wednesday.  This day provides everyone the opportunity to share something about themselves.  It can  be something that is important to them or something that makes them who they are.  It … Continue reading

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Quiet Reflection

Ever have a time when you were in need of quiet reflection? Away from work. Away from home. Away from your kids and spouse? Away from life. That was me today. Don’t get me wrong, I love my life.  Things … Continue reading

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Be Curious

For the past three years we’ve taken a family road trip to Disneyland. Even though we end up at Disney, this vacation is much more than a Disney trip. We take our time driving down, stopping at many forests, playgrounds, beaches, … Continue reading

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But, He Can Do It At Home….

Have you ever had a parent tell you, “But Johnny (insert any child’s name here) can count to 100 by 2’s (insert any skill here) at home with no difficulty at all. He does it all the time!” As a … Continue reading

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10 Things I Want to Try or Learn About 10/10

10 Things I Want to Try or Learn More About In the Cloud To be honest, the “cloud” confuses and scares me a bit.  I just don’t get it. Clearly, I need to learn more about it.  Here are some … Continue reading

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Positively Positive – Attitude IS Everything!

Attitude is everything.  Everywhere.  In every situation. A person’s attitude not only contributes to one’s own feelings, but also the feelings of others. A person’s attitude is contagious.  If you have a positive, optimistic, attitude, that is what you will … Continue reading

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Everyday Learning

I haven’t been blogging or tweeting much these days. It’s just been so busy.  Work has been busy, but so has my home life.  With all this busyness, my learning has been going strong. Here are some of the things … Continue reading

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