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Vancouver Foodie Experience

OK, this is not going to be my “usual” kind of post, but I figure it’s summer-time, so why not! How can I not share such a wonderful experience! I had the wonderful opportunity to go on a food tour … Continue reading

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Educating to the Edges

As I mentioned in a recent post, I really enjoy listening to podcasts.  I find some real gems of ideas and resources through some amazing educators through listening to their podcasts. Some of these resources really resonate with me in … Continue reading

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Supporting Social Media

I’ve been playing with a new-to-me web-based app called Piktochart.  It can be used to make infographics. Here is my first attempt. I thought I would use it instead of doing a “regular” blog post on a topic I was … Continue reading

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It’s Not Just Chance

I am, once again, amazed by the impact of being a connected educator! Being connected provides many opportunities one would not think possible. Being connected allows you to form meaningful relationships with others in a way that others might find … Continue reading

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Embedded Formative Assessment

Recently, I completed reading, Embedded Formative Assessment by Dylan Wiliam.  To say it is an important read would be an understatement. What I think I liked most about the book was that it is grounded in research and a true … Continue reading

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Importance of Scaffolding

In a recent discussion with a friend, we talked about meeting the needs of our highly diverse students.  We talked about the difficulties some people seem to have with understanding the need to scaffold work for students. The discussion reminded … Continue reading

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Connecting With Home

This post is inspired by Chris Kennedy – Superintendent of West Vancouver School District, and more importantly, proud father of 4.  In September, Chris wrote a post on his blog, Culture of Yes, entitled Some of My Parenting Wishes For … Continue reading

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Global Read Aloud

If you have not heard of the Global Read Aloud, well, you should look into it!  This is a wonderful opportunity for students and teachers from around the world to come together to read, share, and discuss books! There are … Continue reading

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Your Authentic Self

In our work and personal lives, we are often bombarded with differing expectations and opinions.  In our personal and professional lives, we are often pushed and pulled in many different directions – both physically and figuratively.  We may have people … Continue reading

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Podcasts Oh My

When I have time, I love listening to podcasts! I will often listen to them when I am driving somewhere alone (even on short trips – there are some great short podcasts),  in the evening when I am making dinner, … Continue reading

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