One Year Ago Today

I am sharing this in an effort to help others, to be a voice when others may be struggling to find their words.  If you, or someone you know, think that you may need the support of a Transition House, give them a call. Reach out. Ask for help.


February 12, 2017

One year ago today.

It was one year ago tonight that my three young children and I entered the Libra House Transition House through Ishtar Transition Housing Society. It was one year ago we began to meet some of the most caring, thoughtful, generous women I’ve ever met in my entire life.

One year ago today, I gained enough courage to move forward.

One year ago today, I asked for help.

One year ago today, I accepted support from others.

One year ago today, I gained the strength of many.

One year ago today, my healing journey began.

One year ago today, I started to value myself.

One year ago today, I started listening to myself.

One year ago today, I started to trust in myself again.

One year ago today, I started understanding that my normal, wasn’t really “normal”.

One year ago, someone trying to help me, pointed me in the direction of a Transition House. They said that was where my kids and I belonged. They said I would get much-needed support there. I didn’t believe it. I called four different Transition Houses and told them what was happening in my life at that point. Each and every Transition House I called said, unequivocally, that that was where my kids and I needed to be.

I didn’t even know what a Transition House was.

I didn’t know what it was for.

I didn’t know lawyers had lived there.

I didn’t know doctors had lived there.

I didn’t know teachers had been there.

I didn’t know they were for everyone.

I didn’t know that it was a place where we were all equal, just needing support.

I didn’t know.


It was that night, February 12, 2016, that my journey of understanding and healing began.  This journey continues today, but, as a result of much ongoing therapy, has become more manageable. I have gotten stronger. I have begun to have a voice. I am amazed at what “normal” actually looks like. What it sounds like. How it feels. What it isn’t.

Words cannot truly express how grateful I am to all of you ladies at Libra House. You took my kids and I in and treated us like family. You helped me to begin to understand that I was worthy. You helped me to understand I was important and deserved the best. You helped me understand what real love was and what it wasn’t. You helped me to accept much-needed support. You guided me through some of the legal process. You listened. You gave me much-needed hugs.

4268161294_4562f5a8e2 (1)

I am learning to trust.

I am learning to be patient with myself.

I am learning to give myself a much-needed break when necessary.

I am learning to go easy on myself.

I am learning to be kind to myself.

I am learning to realize I am just doing my best.


From the bottom of my heart, I will be forever grateful for each of you.



Published by Tia M. Dawson

There are many things that define who I am as a person. First of all, I am a mother of 3 wonderful children! I can not express how fortunate we are to have our children in our life! Secondly, I am an elementary educator who recently returned to the classroom after 12+ years as an elementary school administrator. Lastly, I am passionate about helping others, learning about abuse, helping others in abusive relationships, and helping others understand their worth.

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