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Importance of Story

As we start a new school year, I have been reflecting upon some of our students and how far they have come over the past 3 years. Many of our students who have shown the most substantial growth in the … Continue reading

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New Uses For the Old Planner

Recently, I read a tweet from a fellow district administrator: This tweet made me reflect upon my own use of the traditional student planner when I was a classroom teacher.  I taught primary grades – many of which included teaching … Continue reading

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School Makes Our Students…

Okay, I am a bit behind on things I want to blog about, but here it goes… Back in March (yah, March), there was a lot on the web about what happens when you type “School makes me” into a … Continue reading

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Student Achievement to Me

I was asked recently to share my thoughts on what student achievement meant to me and how an elementary principal contributes to student achievement. What interesting and powerful questions.  These questions are both huge and could be the topic of … Continue reading

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No One Knows Everything

As I reflect on my holidays, and think of the new year upon us, a conversation I overheard stands out. I was standing in line at a grocery store in San Francisco.  Two people (obviously tourists to San Francisco) were … Continue reading

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Some Plans For This Year

I have a new role in my school this year.  In addition to being the Vice-Principal, I will also be one of the Learning Support teachers (last year, I was the Early Literacy Teacher and the Intermediate Prep teacher for … Continue reading

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But, He Can Do It At Home….

Have you ever had a parent tell you, “But Johnny (insert any child’s name here) can count to 100 by 2’s (insert any skill here) at home with no difficulty at all. He does it all the time!” As a … Continue reading

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Self-Assessment – Oh the Horror!

Self-Assessment … it’s a (long) process. We all know the importance of Assessment AS learning …. This is when students (and adults, for that matter) reflect, and self-assess their learning that real long-term learning and growth can occur. When the … Continue reading

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Powerful Student Engagement

All 4 of my classes completed their 100 Minutes of Genius this week (my take on Genius Hour). It was a powerful experience for all of us. Here are some things I noticed: Students didn’t need any direction. Students knew … Continue reading

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My Grading Journey – Part 3

As I continue along my Grading Moratorium journey, and having my students take more ownership over their learning (and the grades they receive for the term), I am surprised often. I am surprised at the honesty, self-reflection, realism, and insight … Continue reading

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