Ugly font may improve learning – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

A little light-heartedness…

Now, this is going to be surprising to many, I think.  Who knew that a font could be disliked by so many. Who knew that people would think Comic Sans was ugly or difficult to read? Well, the lovers of Comic Sans will be loving this article….

Ugly font may improve learning – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).

This is terrific!

Comic Sans is the font that I use all of the time.  It is my default font in my email.  I use it when I write memos to teachers.  I use it when I write letters. I use it for everything. I guess I started using in when I taught Grade one and couldn’t find many fonts that actually made the letter /a/ as a primary letter /a/ and not a curly letter /a/ (if you know what I mean).

My use of this font actually bothered someone I worked closely with for the past couple of years.  He hated this font!  I didn’t get it. I don’t find it difficult to read at all. In fact, I find it quite easy to read.  It’s such a cute font.  Such clean lines.  Hate is such a strong word for such a cute font!

I guess with this article as back up, I’ll continue to use it (with a smile on my face)!

Does anyone else love to use Comic Sans?

Edited to add…..

Who knew that I was a Comic Sans Criminal….

Thanks to @ChrisHunter36 for this link.  Hilarious! Busted!


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