Top 10 in 10: Celebrating my 1ooth Blog Post 6/10 – Top Tweeters

As I have already shared, there are many amazing educators whom I have learned a great deal with and from during the past 8 months.  I have mentioned some influential-to-me bloggers here and here. I would like to continue by including some influential-to-me people I follow on Twitter. In an effort to acknowledge more people, I will try not to include anyone I included on the previous 2 posts.

10 Tweeters I Love to Follow

Collin Harris – @Digitalnative – Curriculum Consultant, Ontario

Dean Shareski – @shareski – Digital Learning Consultant, Saskatchewan

Elisa Carlson – @emscarlson – Director of Instruction, Surrey

Errin Gregory@erringreg – Connected Classroom Teacher, Gold Trail, BC

Heidi Hass Gable – @HHG – DPAC President – Coquitlam

Jerry Blumengarten – @cybraryman1 – Retired Teacher, Internet Guru,

Shawn Davids – @sdavids51 – Principal, Langley

Todd Whitaker@ToddWhitaker – Educational Consultant, Indiana

Tom Whitby – @tomwhitby – Professor of Education – Founder of #edchat, New York

Vicki Davis – @coolcatteacher – Classroom Teacher, Georgia

OK, I couldn’t possibly just name 10 Tweets I follow.  Here are some others I learn a great deal from each day.


Aaron Akune – @aakune – Secondary Vice-Principal, Delta, BC

Alissa Pratt – @alissalu – Vice-Principal, Comox Valley, BC

Antonio Vendramin – @abvendramin – Elementary Principal, Surrey

Akevy Greenblatt – @Akevy613, High School Principal, USA

Brad Bauman – @bradrbauman – District Principal, Surrey

Brian Nichols – @bjnichols – Executive Director of School Leadership , USA

Chris Wejr@chriswejr – Principal, Agassiz, BC

Darcy Mullin – @darcymullin – Elementary Principal, Summerland, BC

David Truss – @datruss – Vice Principal, Coquitlam, BC

Dwight Carter – @Dwight_Carter – High School Principal, USA

Erin Paynter@erinpaynter – Vice-Principal, Ottawa, Canada

George Couros@gcouros –  Division Principal, Edmonton, Alberta

Joe Mazza – @Joe_Mazza – Elementary Principal, USA

John Bevacqua – @jvbevacqua – High School Principal, Vancouver, BC

Larry Espe – @larryespe – Superintendent, Peace River North, BC

Michael Berry – @PrincipalBerry – Elementary Principal, USA

Michael Smith – @principalspage – Superintendent, USA

Patrick Larkin – @bhsprincipal – High School Principal, USA

Remi Collins – @remi_collins, Principal, Coquitlam, BC

Ron McAllister – @rondmac – Elementary Principal, USA

Ron Sherman – @derynron – Elementary Principal, Winlaw, BC

Sarban Sangha – @Sarblangley, Principal, Langley

Shannon Smith – @shannoninottawa, Vice-Principal, Ottawa

Sheila Morissette – @sheilamoris – High School Principal, Surrey

Tom Schimmer – @tomschimmer – District Principal, Okanagan-Skaha, BC

Vici Thomson – @vicit – Secondary Vice-Principal, Surrey


Amy Newman – @amnewish – Helping Teacher, Surrey

Bryan Hughes – @BryanHughes – Teacher Libarian, North Vancouver, BC

Helen Mowers – @techchick94 – Teacher – USA

Hugh McDonald – @hughtheteacher – Grade 7 Teacher, Surrey

John Spencer – @johntspencer – Middle School Teacher, USA

Karen Lirenman@lirenmanlearns – Grade 1 Teacher, Surrey

Kathy Cassidy – @kathycassidy – Grade 1 Teacher, Saskatchewan

Larry Ferlazzo – @LarryFerlazzo – High School Teacher, USA

Lisa Domeier – @librarymall – Helping Teacher, Surrey

Nicole Painchaud – @painchaud_n, Teacher, Surrey

Orwell Kowalyshyn – @kowalyshyn – Helping Teacher, Surrey

Sarah Soltau-Heller – @soltauheller – Primary Teacher, Vancouver Island, BC

Terie Engelbrecht – @mrsebiology – High School Science Teacher, USA  (Differentiated Instruction Guru)

Educational Consultants / Authors

Alec Couros – @courosa – Professor, University of Regina

Alfie Khon – @alfiekhon – Author

Angela Maiers – @AngelaMaiers – Educational Consultant/author

Daniel Pink – @DanielPink – Author

David Warlick – @dwarlick – Educational Consultant, USA

Diane Ravitch – @DianeRavitch – Author

Kelly Tenkely – @ktenkely – Educational Consultant, USA

Seth Godin – @ThisIsSethsBlog – Author

Sheila Stewart – @SheilaSpeaking – Blogger, Ontario

Sheryl Nussbaum Beach @snbeach, Author, USA

Sir Ken Robinson – @SirKenRobinson – Author, USA

Steve Hargadon – @stevehargadon – Educational Consultant, USA

Steve Wheeler – @timbuckteeth – Professor, UK

As I said earlier, this is not a complete list at all, but just some of the people who I enjoy following on Twitter.

Happy Tweeting!

Published by Tia M. Dawson

There are many things that define who I am as a person. First of all, I am a mother of 3 wonderful children! I can not express how fortunate we are to have our children in our life! Secondly, I am an elementary educator who recently returned to the classroom after 12+ years as an elementary school administrator. Lastly, I am passionate about helping others, learning about abuse, helping others in abusive relationships, and helping others understand their worth.

6 thoughts on “Top 10 in 10: Celebrating my 1ooth Blog Post 6/10 – Top Tweeters

  1. Thanks for adding me to your great list Tia. As you’ve stated, there’s a great network of learners on Twitter, and we work together to deepen our practice and explore new ideas. Without all of us, it wouldn’t work. Just happy to be here and part of the conversation with you all.

    1. Hi Ron,

      Yes, we are a great group of learners first! That’s why it works so well – learning from and sharing with each other.

      Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment,

  2. Thank you Tia for including me on this list. I know I shouldn’t care, but it nice to be on someone’s list. I too think Twitter is a marvelous place where people share with open hearts. It has revitalized and changed my teaching in the last 3 yrs.
    I love reading your blog and find all of your post interesting. I have passed on many of your posts as links to folks I work with.
    Thank you,

    1. Sarah,

      Thanks for reading and commenting. I am glad that you find my blog interesting. It has been a journey, for sure.

      I enjoy reading your blog as well.

      Thanks again,

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