Professional Reading for the Summer

Summer Reading

I have bitten off way more than I can chew when I look at the books I have bought and downloaded to read this summer.  Oh my.  I thought I would share some of the titles here, and, hopefully, writing this post will hold me a little accountable and help to ensure that I read them (or as many as I can)!

So, in no particular order, here is the list of professional books I have for my reading pleasure this summer. I’ve included the Amazon links below, in case you’d like to read more about any of the books.

Shifting the Monkey – Todd Whitaker – Finished

The Connected Educator – Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach & Lani Ritter Hall – In Progress

Drive – Daniel Pink – In Progress

Getting Things Done – David Allen – In Progress – A colleague suggested that I read this one first so that I might have a chance at actually reading the others this summer.  Good idea, Carol!

Hold on to Your Kids – Gordon Neufeld – In progress

Leadership on the Line – Ronald A. Heifetz & Marty Linsky – In progress

What School Leaders Need to Know About Digital Technologies and Social Media – Scott McLeod & Chris Lehmann

Power Questions – Andrew Sobel & Jerold Pamas

The Real World of Technology – Ursula Franklin

Switch – Chip Heath & Dan Heath

Lost at School – Ross Greene

Mindset: The New Psychology of Success – Carol Dweck

Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking – Susan Cain

Start With Why – Simon Sinek

I’m sure there may be a few titles I am missing, but this is my list of the professional books I hope to read over the summer (this, in addition to a few fiction books I have downloaded as well).

Are there any books here you have read and would like to comment on? Perhaps your comments might help me decided on the order I read each of them (or their priority).

What’s on your list of professional books to read this summer?

Happy Reading!

Published by Tia M. Dawson

There are many things that define who I am as a person. First of all, I am a mother of 3 wonderful children! I can not express how fortunate we are to have our children in our life! Secondly, I am an elementary educator who recently returned to the classroom after 12+ years as an elementary school administrator. Lastly, I am passionate about helping others, learning about abuse, helping others in abusive relationships, and helping others understand their worth.

8 thoughts on “Professional Reading for the Summer

  1. Hi Tia, That is quite the list 🙂
    I just finished Mindset and loved it, it was a fast, easy read, and it put a lot into perspective for me. I had heard about the “comment on effort instead of results” that had come out in the press as a result of this book, but I had not really made sense of it. Anyways that would be my vote! I also read Drive, which I also enjoyed and ties in nicely with Mindset.
    Happy reading!

    1. Hi Carolyn,

      Yes, it is quite the list! Not sure if I will get to them all or not, especially since I’d like to catch up reading some of the wonderful blogs by amazing educators that I have not been able to get to lately. Add that to the fact I have 3 very active kids who also need my attention during the day. That leaves me with a couple of hours after they go to bed to read (and spend time with my husband). Hmmmmmmm….

      It’s all a balancing act.


  2. Tia
    Love Drive, Lost at School and Mindset (although if I am being honest I still have two chapters to go in the last one). Great list, I think I will grab a couple of them to look through during the summer.
    I hear you, the balancing act. It is hard to juggle but all is calm when the juggling is successful.
    Have a great summer,

    1. Hi Stacey,

      I have heard great things about each of them. I have already started Drive and look forward to continuing it.

      There are just so many great books out there!

      Thanks for stopping by to read and comment.

      I hope you have a lovely summer as well!

  3. Nice list! I would add William Kist’s The Socially Networked Classroom and Choosing Web 2.0 Tools for Learning and Teaching in a Digital World by Pam Berger and Sally Trexler. Happy reading.

  4. Hi Tia. How’s the reading going? I always do the same thing – gather “a few” titles to read during the summer break. I’ve read Mindset, Drive, and am in the process of reading Getting Things Done. I would also recommend Intellectual Character by Ron Ritchhart and Making Thinking Visible by Ritchhart, Church & Morrison.

    So many interesting books 🙂 Sometimes I feel there are not enought hours in the day to do all of the things I’m interested in!

    1. Hi Pam!

      Have you read all of those this summer? I’m afraid I have not been as productive. I’m still working on Start With Why. It’s very good.

      I definitely think more hours in the day would be great! Could you make that happn? Please?

      Happy reading,

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