When I have time, I love listening to podcasts! I will often listen to them when I am driving somewhere alone (even on short trips – there are some great short podcasts),  in the evening when I am making dinner,  in the morning, or when I am exercising (need to do more of that).  I find them to be interesting, inspiring, entertaining, and educational.

I was first introduced to them when I started on Twitter two years ago and connected with Jessica Johnson (@principalj on Twitter). She has some podcasts listed on her blog.

I am fairly new to listening to podcasts, but I’d still like to share some podcasts I like to listen to.  I will also share some that I would like to explore further myself, but haven’t had the opportunity yet. You might even want to check out the podcasts that Jessica mentions on her blog above.

The first thing you need to do is download a podcast app for your mobile device (although, you can listen to them on your computer as well). I don’t listen to podcasts much on the computer, but I can see the benefits of doing so. Each podcast usually has Show Notes where they include different sites, apps or other recommendations they make during their podcast. These are definitely worth checking out!

Podcasts I enjoy listening to

The Whole Child Podcast: Changing the Conversation About Education by ASCD – The mandate of the Whole Child is to ensure ensure that each student is healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged. Their blog and their podcasts reflect this mandate. I have found these podcasts to be very informative and really important in my work as an elementary school administrator. Here is the link to the iTunes account for the podcast. You can take a look at their main website here. There are some great downloads on this site.

Hooked!: Captivating Students.  This was formally known as The NerdyCast.  Moving beyond 90s style student engagement, this show explores the freshest new ways to captivate students, get them passionately “hooked on learning,” while having some fun along the way. Hosted by Nicholas Provenzano, The Nerdy Teacher and Timothy Gwynn.  If have found this podcast to be inspiring because of some of their amazing guests! Their iTunes link can be found here. You may also be interested in checking out the archives in the NerdyCast Podcasts.  The iTunes link is found here.

Every Classroom Matters with Cool Cat Teacher.  This is a podcast by Flatclassroom teacher, Vicki Davis. She is an amazingly inspiring educator who has a ton to share and doesn’t hold back. You can visit her website here and the podcasts on her website here (she has some helpful hints about podcasts there as well). This is a great podcast because not only does it have great ideas, guests, big picture thoughts, each podcast is also quite short – less than 15 minutes. Need some quick inspiration, check out this podcast! The iTunes link can be found here.

David Truss: Pair-a-Dimes Podcast. David is an amazing educator and leader in education in British Columbia. He has recorded a number of podcasts with some high-profile guests. He also podcasts about his own reflections (love this!). David is a deep thinker with a great deal to offer. He will continue to be one to watch and connect with in the future. You can view the iTunes link to his podcast here.  You can visit his blog here.

Moving at the Speed of Creativity: Wesley Fryer Podcast.  Whenever I listen to one of Wesley’s podcasts, I am guaranteed to learn something new or be introduced to something I haven’t heard of (this is not difficult). You can visit Wesley’s blog here.  You can find the iTunes downloads of his podcasts here. He has some informative links here for those who may be wanting to start their own podcast. Looking at this list makes me realize how little I know.

Techlandia PodcastThe Dream of Technology is Alive in Education – In each episode, Jon Samuelson @ipadsammy, Alison Anderson @tedrosececi, Curt Rees @curtrees and Kyle Pace @kylepace, and special guests talk educational technology. They share 3 apps, 3 Twitter users to follow, and some great #eduwins. You can download their podcast from iTunes here.  You can also look at the Podcast via Jon Samuelson’s Youtube channel here.

The EdCeptional Show: Learning for All.  This is a podcast that I have just started listening to. There are some amazing special education teachers who talk about ways they support their learners who may have some special challenges. As a Learner Support Teacher and Administrator, I look forward to listening to more of these episodes. You can find the iTunes link to this podcast here.

TeacherCast Podcast: The Educational Professional Development Podcast (Hosted by Jeff Bradbury). This podcast has a variety of subject and focus. They are all very good – especially for those just beginning their digital journey. This is definitely a great starting place. They have some pretty popular guests and some relavent topics. You can find the iTunes link to the podcast here.

BAM Radio Network has many different podcasts to listen to. Take a look/listen. You’ll definitely find something you like here!

Here are a number of podcasts that I have found to be inspirational and informative in my role as a school leader.

H2H: A Quick Guide to Leading Educators and Making a Difference. This is a podcast for leaders in education. There are always great, relavent topics being discussed. These podcasts are also fairly short in length – less than 15 minutes each. The iTunes link for the podcast episodes can be found here.

EdReach: EdAdmin Minute. These are very quick 2-3 minute podcasts that just give you a tidbit of information to get you really thinking and reflecting on a topic.  This podcast is hosted by Chris Atkinson and sometimes features other educational leaders.  You can find the iTunes link to the podcast here.

Eduleadership Radio: by Justin Baeder. I have enjoyed the podcasts here, however, Justin doesn’t podcast as often as I’d like. 🙂  You can find the iTunes link to the podcast here.

Other podcasts you might want to check out:

The TechEducator Podcast

EdReach – All EdReach Shows

K-12 Greatest Hits: The Best Ideas in Education

Big Ideas Podcast 

Teacher’s Aid with Rae Pica

So there you go: a Starter List of Podcast to explore this summer! I hope you enjoy them!  If you have other podcasts you enjoy listening to, please leave the information in the comments.  I’d love to hear about some more inspiring people podcasting!

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