A Lesson Learned

As I get ready to start a new school year, at a new school, I am reflecting on my previous years experience as a Vice-Principal.  My mind is filled with so many questions.  What worked in my previous assignments?  What didn’t work as well?  What would I like my goals to be for the upcoming year?  Where will I fit in this new school?  How will things work? ….  Above all else, one question keeps returning:   What lessons have I learned that will help me in this new assignment?  While all these questions are important and will likely be addressed in future blog posts (or dreams – I tend to dream about work a lot – sad, I know), I am going to focus on the last question here today.

Of course, I have learned so many lessons in my 6 years as a Vice-Principal, I will concentrate today on just one of these lessons.  The lesson I am thinking of is focused around believing in each and every teacher, regardless of where they are in the stage of their career.  I had worked with the teacher I am thinking of for about 1 year (I’ll call her Mrs. M.). She was a good teacher. Mrs. M. was effective with her students in many ways, had a wonderful heart, worked hard, and loved her job.  She was a great teacher with whom to work.   Continue reading “A Lesson Learned”

A Brief, But Meaningful Encounter

Currently, I am returning to work following maternity leave after having our 3rd child at the end of December (2010).  I have just recently received my next placement as Vice-Principal in my district.  This is very exciting and I am really looking forward to the opportunity.  More on that in future posts…  As you can imagine, after not working for the past almost 7 months, my work is on my mind a great deal (in a good way).

When I was at the grocery store the this evening, I was reminded again at how fortunate I am to be going back to work that I love.  I had a brief encounter with a gentleman at the grocery store.  He was approximately 40 years old (ok, he looked my age and that is probably why what he said stood out for me) and was talking to a friend (?) about his same age.

Standing by the tomatoes, he said, in a frustrated voice, “Man, I wish I never had to go to work again!”Continue reading “A Brief, But Meaningful Encounter”