My Resilient Little Girl

My 7-year-old daughter continues to amaze me every day. A little over a week ago, she broke her elbow playing on the monkey bars (or more specifically, falling OFF the monkey bars). It was a very bad break so she had to undergo surgery to fix it. You can see pictures and read the blogContinue reading “My Resilient Little Girl”

Learning From My Little Girl

Friday was the last day of work for me before I began summer holidays.  So exciting!  As is our family tradition, it was Friday, so we headed down to Vancouver as we do every other Friday night.  This time, we headed to Stanley Park, specifically.  This is our favourite place to go as a family.Continue reading “Learning From My Little Girl”

Mother’s Day Reflection

I have celebrated eight Mother’s Days (if you count the one when I was pregnant with my daughter who is now 7-years-old).  I am very fortunate to have 3 wonderful children: Trista (7), Pauli (4), and Carson (1).  I am proud of each one of them for many reasons. When I became a mom, IContinue reading “Mother’s Day Reflection”